23hr Fast leads to OMAD!

OMAD time to EAT

Intermittent Fasting leads to OMAD!  I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting since April 02, 2017 and today is August 8, 2017 about 5 months now!  This has been one of the best changes I’ve ever done for myself!  Not only for me but also expressing the new lifestyle to others if they lend an ear and have an interest after seeing the great results I’m getting.  I was first introduced to this when I saw my brother Pat make drastic changes in his appearance and in his health!  At first I rolled my eyes and thought “Hell No!” usually that’s the first response!

The day I started of course after April Fools Day when I pinkie shook with my girlfriend Debby.  I have not looked back but educated myself and hope to inspire others!  My first victim was Juan who has diabetes and on medication.  Juan has stuck with it for approximately 3 months has normalized his blood glucose and has since stopped taking his diabetic medication on his own while monitoring his blood glucose level!  He has since dropped weight but most importantly normalized his diabetes has yet to return for his annual physical soon very soon.  There are many people all  on board intermittent fasting my brothers Pat, Vence, son Tyler and my mother!  Debby and her two son’s Justin and Ryan!  At work not only Juan but Mary and Anna have decided to give it a whirl inspired by the Juan results and it’s FREE!

Since starting this I’ve dabbled in different fasting vs feasting hours of intermittent fasting very flexible works to your schedule!  When I first started this I thought there was no way I’d try OMAD one meal a day!  Until one day when Debby brought up prolong fasting I agreed with her to give it a try and I believe we pinkie shook can’t slip when you pinkie shake!  This time we had to fast longer than 24 hours and up to 42!  I was apprehensive but as challenges go I’m always game.

We started on Saturday evening after our last meal to begin our fast.  Sunday the whole day came and went without one bit of a crumb!  I fasted most of the day Monday but had a rock climbing meetup that afternoon so I decided to eat at 2pm.  Monday was the toughest I felt low energy bit of a fog could have been dehydrated.  You must drink your fluids when fasting water, coffee or tea but I made it to about a 40 hours of fasting.  The next day I thought to myself never again!

I usually bring my lunch to work and eat at about 2pm complete my feast at 8pm for a 6 hour window and 18 hours of fasting.  I thought what if I stopped bringing in my lunch and just eat one meal a day when I get home!  That would save me time prepping my lunch and extra time in the morning!  If I can do a prolong fast I can certainly do OMAD!  I’ve been on one meal a day OMAD during the work week for about three weeks has made life so much simpler and I now crave my salad first thing!

If your interested in more information let me know.  There are many health benefits to Intermittent Fasting!  Lots of information, podcast and books!  No more diets, no calorie counting, no hard workouts, no buying into fad diets and best of all this is FREE!


Video:  How to shovel your food down!

Huge Salad with a hard boiled egg, Chicken Salad Wrap with cucumbers and saurkraut, Greek Yogurt with honey, blue berries and cantalope, Apple Organic with peanut butter, Zucchini Bread with Marscapone Cheese, Coconut Helados Bar and a can of sparkling water!

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  1. Nice! I did OMAD for quite awhile, but while traveling there are so many new foods to try that I opened my window to 8 hrs for 2 meals a day. I’d like to try OMAD again though – I think I feel at my best, and is the simplest way in many ways – frees up time for other things, get slim fast, and can eat like a hog! What’s not to like?

    1. rsings29@comcast.net says: Reply

      Thanks to you bro! I took the plunge and have never looked back! Amazing how this has took off in our family and friends! Hope dad get’s on it would like to see some HGH and diabetes level of his go down. I’m amazed at my skin and how dry it use to be now feels healthier! Instituting OMAD just that one push never thought I could muster on just one meal a day but I’m finding I really enjoy what I thought would be an effort makes life much more simpler! Gluttony I’m looking forward to it…Debby can’t believe how much I can but down and not gain. My next step is to reduce some processed carbs.

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