Blood Glucose Diabetes Testing Kit

Diabetes runs in my family and for the last two years have tested as right on the borderline prediabetic level.  I’ve been on Intermittent Fasting since April 2, 2017 and have had great results!  I decided to invest in a blood glucose monitor.

I wanted to find a kit that included all that I needed to maintain my healthy lifestyle and monitor my glucose level from time to time.  Since I was a Prime Amazon Member I could get delivery in 2 business days.  I researched through Amazon and found the OWell Prodigy Brand which had a choice between 100, 150 and 200 test kit.  I decided on the 100 test and ordered the Prodigy AutoCode Diabetes Talking Meter!  In two days I received delivery have had no issues with Amazon Shipping!

The kit comes with log manual, 100 test strips, 30 gauge lancet, glucometer, lancing device and carrying case.  The glucometer is easy to set up with the instructions for date, choice of language, speaker sound level, date, time etc.  The lancing device is easy to set-up inserting the lancet.  I can change the lance level to prick the skin and a trigger for the device to lance quickly and painless to draw blood.  I’ve never lanced myself and have always looked away when I got shots with a needle.  With the lancing device it made it easy to do it myself.

Once the test strip is inserted into the glucose meter the device automatically turns on and tells you what to do.  Once I pricked myself drew blood and placed it on the test strip the device quickly provided my glucose level.  Glucose levels rise and fall but this provides the great information to monitor my levels.  The A1C is the true test but that won’t be done till my next physical but in the meantime I can randomly check where I’m at and what foods may affect my sugar levels.

In the video below…wait for it…kind of funny my reactions when the results were provided…OWell!  Great product hopefully this will help you make a decision please leave a comment and subscribe to my Blog.

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  1. Nice writeup! A tad high, right? Keep workin’ it!

    1. says: Reply

      Good thing I’m on Intermittent Fasting! I need to cut the sweets and carbs or at least trim it!

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