Bruz Beers

First time to this microbrewery! Festive occasion with all the ugly sweaters thought it was a christmas office party!  Walked in it was a celebration event not only a Holiday Ugly Sweater competition but also the owners birthday!  Happy Birthday!  Now down to the beer this microbrew specializes in Bavarian style microbrews!  I tried what I believe is one of their holiday beers the Gingerbread Dubble to my delight quite refreshing and tasty hopefully they add this to their beer menu!  I also enjoyed the Dubble Trubble and a recommended combination of the pumpkin and stout all I highly recommend!
The service was outstanding everyone was very friendly!  With many more customers they even went to the trouble of washing chairs and providing to us when we were standing big gold star to this crew!  I must say people love dogs as I do great to see the mingling of man’s best friend and the interaction very warm and friendly!  The crowd was also a great mix having a fun time felt very inviting just hanging out sipping a cold crisp pour of this fine microbrew!  I raise a pint and toast to this establishment I will be back and Happy Holidaze!

Gingerbread Dubble:  Had hint of gingerbread cookies to bring in the holiday spirit!  Quite refreshing and crisp to the taste!

Dubble Trubble:  Full of flavor with a hint of bitterness very earthy would go well with BBQ meats or a quality steak!


Photo of Bruz Beers - Denver, CO, United States


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