Intermittent Fasting: Week 2

Climbing Indoors is a great way to hone your technique at Rock Climbing.  I’ve been on a fast pace schedule amp it up since my brother Pat is headed to Chile for one of his first stops in his one year world travel experience.  Learn as much as I can from him lead climb, rappel, setting an anchor, cleaning an anchor as well as absorbing as much knowledge on technique.  I’ve been climbing indoors for sometime and each time I get to the point of gassing out by the end of the session.  My arms are pumped out, feeling the pangs of hunger in the middle of an ascent.  Dripping sweat from the anxiety of making the next clip lead climbing.  That next hand reach can I make it!  The feel of anxiety as fear sets in, heart thumping can I make it without falling?  I instead look down at my brother and say “Take” at that moment the rope tightens and I’m supported, relieved no fall but conscious I didn’t make it.  I try again feeling my hand tremble as I reach for the clip with rope struggle to set it.  I hear the sound of “click” I made it…I realize then I have 2 more to set in.  I’m totally gassed out can’t think straight do I flag, drop knee which footing will take hold as I feel my arms and hand struggle.  Let the experience of Intermittent Fasting begin!

I’m beginning my third week of Intermittent Fasting each day seems to bring changes.  I gasped at how simple it is and the starvation anxiety, “How in the world can a person fast for 16 to 24hours and not feel the pain!”  Yes I was worried when my next meal would come had the notion of a prisoner “ME” within my own body and eating nothing but bread and water!  The fear of my tummy crying out in pain as a searing hot blade sharply stabbed my flesh as I screamed out from the pain of hunger.  The weariness as I looked in the mirror as my eyes spurting blood from my eyeball from the lack of food!  The fear of the unknown was just that “FEAR” and fear comes from not understanding.  Funny how your mind works take flight or stand and fight, I chose to understand.  Intermittent Fasting process was a whole new ball game.  I had to throw out all the knowledge I gained from marketing, movies and people.  Open up myself after seeing my brother make a change for his health which sounded awful.  Never heard of I.F. till this experience of seeing my brother slim up and reading The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting, watching videos by Dr Fung who wrote the Obesity Code which I haven’t read yet.

I’ve seen my body make changes after the first day from staying alert during a two hour meeting it could have been the hungry feeling I like to call Hangry “Hungry Anger!”  The first few days I lost maybe a pound but the real results were from my belt taking in a notch as my waist started losing inches.  I lost fat around my legs so strange.  I slept much better and felt refreshed with little sleep.  My blood pressure normalized and some people were noticing the slimness in my face.  I’m glad I took before pictures to see where the changes would take me as subtle as it they were.  In the short time I was amazed at the results!  I didn’t have to train for a marathon running 3-4 hours, I didn’t have to drink green smoothies only… yuck!  I reduced my running to 3 miles a week if even that.  I didn’t have to weight train as hard or take a high intensity boxing classes.  No breakfast, no snacking but I could eat what I chose during the feasting including dessert!  How could something “Fasting” sound so difficult but effortless in the results?

I discovered that it wasn’t as difficult to fast with only coffee, tea or water.  The hunger would only last briefly but I noticed when I feasted the hunger was replaced with fullness kind of a ying/yang effect.  I wouldn’t stuff myself to utter pain just comfortable enough to settle my tummy.  I had thoughts before starting IF that I should feed the need, when I’m low in energy I should eat because my blood sugar was low.  In turn my body was burning the glucose and not the fat.  I’m amazed by the results and look forward to see how my body and health continue to change as time progresses.  I look forward to a bright healthy future and to express this lifestyle change to others.  Now onto pushing my limits in rock climbing!

Before and After Pictures
4 weeks ago April 2nd started Intermittent Fasting…results are in! Before and After
Before and After Pictures
Before and After Pictures Side shot…I.F. works…lets see if it last!

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  1. Hubba look great!

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      Thanks honey were doing this together and staying focused. One month before your trip to Havasupai!

  2. Nice to see your progress Rod! I’ve gone a little local (loco?) here in Frutillar, but in Santiago I remained true. I can already feel the difference in adding breakfast – not as clear headed, will go back to this tomorrow!

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      Awesome brotha! Meat and potatoes time for you to get back on track bro on the fasting! Breakfast is great anytime but better feasting time! Lets get ripped!

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