Intermittent Fasting

I joined UFC boxing middle of February for it to close April 1st fool am I since I paid up for 15 mos.  I received the refund check hopefully it doesn’t bounce between the communication of the owner and his staff I’m staying positive that it doesn’t.  I’ve learned alot about myself from boxing conditioning and have instituted the ab workout into my usual training regimen but I am missing something else?

My brother Pat has been getting himself ready for his one year world tour which also includes getting his health on track.  We are both pre-diabetic among a few other things I’ve been trying to lean up and the boxing was well worth the sweat.  The abdominal workout trimmed the waist but without the class what am I to do.  Pat and I were at the Earth Treks Climbing Gym and I noticed his face had gotten slimmer and I thought did he shave his beardski?  I looked again and his belly pudge had seem to reduce in size…I said to Pat “You look like your losing weight” he told me he was eating one meal a day!  I gasped the horror “One meal a day!  You got to be kidding” there was no way in hell I’d try that sounded like one of those fad diets.  At that I let it go…a few weeks later we had planned a trip to New Mexico to climb a few places The Outlook, Los Conchas and El Rito!  On one of the climbs The Outlook I had to rappel off a cliff!  I had gotten tied in and geared up and my brother said it’s go time.  Fear overtook me as I looked over the lip of the cliff and there seem to be no footholds just a deep crevasse as I imagine falling off that rock face.  I took a deep breath and tried to scale down as my left arm crushed the rock I was holding onto for dear life.  Pause as I took another breath, my heart beating through my chest!  I said to myself you can do this!  At that point I was already on the last grip no turning back and barely a foothold….trust in the gear and trust in yourself…let go you only live once…get through it!  At that point the rappel took hold supported my weight I was relieved as sweat dripped off my forehead.  Looking at my left arm my skin was bleeding scraped against the rock in dire need to hold on but let go.  Relieved I had overcome my fear pushed myself past my limits and rappelled down to the bottom.  As we top roped the climbing route I could not for the life of me get passed the Cruxe of overhangs the pressure and every muscle in my shoulders, arms and legs cried out, mentally and physically I was drained.  I thought to myself do I suck at climbing am I too heavy?  With that Pat was climbing every which way a master for his own training he effortlessly climbed with no issues.  He took off his shirt and by gawd I was like where’s the belly and no side handles…what the hell?

Do I need to go to the depths of one meal a day?  Would that help me with my climbing among other things?  Is there a possibility that I could improve my health and not eat 3 or more meals a day?  My worst fears missing breakfast I am a person who never misses breakfast as they say “Its the most important meal of the day!”  I had instituted 6 small meals a day for several years especially Marathon Training but for the past several months I couldn’t stay under 210 and during my marathon running phase I was 205.  My last two physicals and wellness checks my levels showed pre-diabetic, high blood pressure and high glucose in my blood, my total cholesterol level were fine but my LDL and HDL were off.  I thought I had eaten well enough, made healthy food choices besides the occasional sugar cravings, okay I lied I have heavy sugar cravings.  If it has sugar I’d eat it not just eat it take every morsel, sip, slurp and plop it right in my mouth as I gurgled like a happy baby squealing for more.  The rush I feel and instant gratification as the sweetness pulsated every pore of my soul!  Whew okay back to taking it’s toll like so many people in this great place we live in and the temptations of food.

El Torito Rock Climb
El Torito

I asked my brother how many pounds he lost…twenty..reduced his glucose, weight, increased energy, longelivity and well-being.  I still had my doubts but not in what he was doing but in myself could I really suffer through one meal a day?  As we traveled back home it dawned on me all the things I may have been doing were all wrong.  My girlfriend Debby started a low carb diet and I was currently going back to my green smoothie and meals but trying to stick with whole foods.  I was getting no where heaviest I’ve been is 230 but my physical was 218 and no change…I am going about this all wrong I thought?  I avoid fad diets but could I be doing on a fad diet without knowing it?  My brother text a video on Eating Once a Day I found it a little confusing but maybe because the narrator had no personality reminded me of a monotone teacher…boring!  Right after he sent me a video on Terry Crews on Intermittent Fasting.  I thought Intermittent Fasting and one meal a day then I watched the video but he restricted his meal times between 2pm-10pm.  I sent a text back to my brother “I wonder if he eats one meal or eats from 2-8pm?” Pat responded “I was wondering about that too.”  At that point my juices started flowing…I need more information what is Intermittent Fasting?  Is it some sort of diet as my brother sent me more information on a window of time restriction to eat, there are different methodology to intermittent fasting.  I thought maybe there is a possibility of trying this out without suffering with one meal a day but eating during a restricted period of time.

Hot Springs
Brother relaxing at Joyful Journey

I spoke to my girlfriend Debby about it and we decided pinkie shake and start on April 2, 2017 Sunday eat only between the hours of 2pm-8pm.  It would be a good way to introduce my body to this without the stress of work.  It was a bit difficult at first only able to drink tea, water or coffee, I don’t drink coffee gives me the jitters I can only imagine on an empty stomach.  I got through the Sunday.  Monday a workday came along I was starving without breakfast but not to the point of feeling weak I actually felt more alert due to the feeling of being hangry!  It would come and go but the tea and water I was drinking helped subside the need to feed.  I thought to myself just think of it as preparing for a blood test or a colonoscopy when you have to fast.  Never thought I’d actually fast not that I couldn’t do it but would I do it?  When I had a break at work I went to the gym did a chest and shoulder workout kept it low key no heavy weights just work on form and reps no issues or light-headedness.  I text my brother I was hungry he told me to eat a few nuts if I had to but I was determined to make it to the 2pm time frame.  I like a good challenge by the time I made it I ate what filled me up, Debby’s Bean Soup, hummus chicken whole wheat wrap with kalamata olives, apple, orange, clementine that was the big meal.  Before 8pm I ate a few other things like a green smoothie, another chicken wrap, small blueberry muffin according to this program no counting calories with that I ate a chocolate covered macaroon candy.  If this is what it is I can make it through and now what is my third day it’s not too bad.  I’ve actually lost a few pounds not much but will see as the week progresses.  My pants I’ve taken in a belt knotch haven’t done that in months and I’m starting to lose when I would yo yo above 210 I am now under 210.  I spoke to Debby and she has lost a total of 8lbs since she started low carbs end of March and moved into Intermittent Fasting.

One of the worse thing is the whiff of fresh popped popcorn permeating the air…I wanted to find this jerk, scoop a handful of salted crisp corn pop goodness and instead of throwing it at this person face I’d inhale it into my salivating mouth as I feel the pangs of my tummy nudging me to move and fill it’s emptiness!  I grasped for my ice water mix of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar just a capful into my thermo insulated steel cup take a few straw sips and for a second calms the nerves.  I think back of the time I dropped weight from green smoothies only and loss a total of around 25lbs and stayed steady at 205 for several years.  The smoothie only option did not last long and I had set it aside for a couple of years due to the taste or all the date sugar, fruits I had to use to tone down the leafy greens taste and make it more palatable.  Not sure if that caused some of my high glucose issues.  Running two marathon pre-fifty and post-fifty all I could muster on the scale was 205 not that I wasn’t happy but my run made it that much tougher and at this point I’d never do another bout of suffering at the 20 mile wall unless I’d get down under 200 best case scenario 180.  Interesting thing about this is I’ve noticed a pound here but the real difference is the inches in my waist after a few days.  I’ve drawned up my belt another notch and might even have to puncture a new notch in my belt.  This I.F. makes your body more efficient burns more fat tissue but I see no changes in my muscle tissue or that I can tell.  I don’t want to be that guy that get’s sand kicked in his face but after seeing most of the before and after pics of people that have tried this it appears lean is mean!  I’ve been reading book call “The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting” by Dr Michael Vanderschelden which I’ve found an interesting read explained the effect and benefits of fasting.

Day 5 so far the I’ve lost maybe 4lbs which doesn’t sound like much considering the time when I was drinking only green smoothies for a week and lost 10lbs but then again I was much heavier.  I’ve noticed a clearer head, subtle fat loss around my waist and legs.  I’ve dropped two notches on my belt so we will see how far I get on this.  I’ll find this a success if I get under 200lbs maintain my muscles and burn the fat.  The focus is to reduce my glucose, pre-diabetic level to normal and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  If the information is correct on all the articles, books and videos then I should be at the best shape and health of my life.  I won’t have to drink only green smoothies all day, run marathons but maintain a good exercise plan and follow intermittent fasting techniques.

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  1. Nice job! Keep the Intermittent fasting going and you’ll be at 180 in NO time!

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