Shelf Road, Gallery: Schindlers Pissed

My brother Pat and I have shared many adventures, snowboarding, hiking fourteener, camping, scuba diving and his favorite which is rock climbing.  It’s now one of my favorite hobbies quite a challenge, mentally, physically, spiritually!  I highly recommend the sport no matter how old you may be.  I didn’t do my first climb till I was fifty.  Pat has taught me all that he knows a great instructor with a passion for the sport. He has taught me many things about rock climbing from rope knots, equipment, technique and utmost importance safety.  Pat is taking on a new solo adventure traveling the world for a year.  I will miss him not only as my brother but the adventures we’ve shared together.  I wish him the very best as he takes on this exciting travel experience!  I’ve learned so much from him and its open myself up this new opportunity on my own.  May I continue with this knowledge so that I progress as he moves on traveling the world.  Inspires me to keep working at it!

I am new to editing video which Go Pro Quik made it easy transition.  Blogging was also introduced to me by my brother he said “Why not try  blogging your always on facebook!”  Thus here I am rock climbing, video editing and blogging “Happy Chelu!”  I am now able to create and visualize some of these adventures through writing and editing video and sharing.  In this video below my brother and I headed to shelf road here he is climbing one of the routes hope you enjoy it and leave a comment.


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  1. Nice blog/vlog, dude!

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