SPAM FRIED RICE done outdoors!

In Guam the average per capita consumption is 16 tins per year.  I don’t promote eating spam or for that matter ever, SPAM is believed to be the abbreviation of Spice Ham, Spare Meat or shoulders of Pork and Ham.  I was born on Guam and most islanders, Hawaiians grew up on this stuff, even Fast Food Chains like McDonalds on Guam sell Spam Fried Rice.  My mother made spam fried rice, spam fried sandwiches on white bread slathered with mayonnaise what a treat!  There is also Spam Musubi which I tried for the first time on my last visit to Guam a combination of fried spam, sticky rice wrapped with a seaweed strip .  I remember the fondness I had of this potted meat as a kid for the flavor, smokiness and saltiness that enhanced a dish.  As I grew older and my parents became vegetarian to vegans we realize the unhealthy issues of this product.  I left it aside for years.

My brother Pat was clearing out his home minimizing and I received a lot of canned items from sardines, smoked oysters, soups and a came upon one can of SPAM at the bottom of a card board box!  “Hmmmm” I thought “Should I dump this tin?”  When I mention to most people here in Colorado I get a grimace as though it’s the worst tasting food ever, not that they’ve ever tried it.  I consider it like bacon and with bacon most people love this fried crispy strip of meat.  Hotdogs who doesn’t sell hotdogs in a ballpark well maybe just maybe SPAM Musubi would be a big sell.

I don’t like to throw items away and thought maybe I might use this…camping!  Yes camping it stores well, no refrigeration and will last a lifetime!  My brother and I were headed to New Mexico for some rock climbing and camping.  We we woke up one morning on this trip I asked my brother what do you want for breakfast I have a can of spam you left me.  We both laughed as we talked about stories of spam and some of the responses we get from people.  We decided to relive days gone by of Spam Fried Rice.  Very simple spam need no salts its a salty product, no oil needed spam had a lot of fat and flavor is phenomenal when added with rice.  One of the simplest recipes when your outdoors have a couple of eggs and brown rice.

1 Tin Spam

4 Eggs

3C Rice

Dice your spam.  Heat a cast iron pan to optimal temperature.  Add Spam and fry up to desired crispness.  Take your eggs break them over the spam flipping till lightly scrambled.  Add your cooked, cold rice (brown or white) flip with your spatula till nice and hot.  Serve Immediately!



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  1. Just say no to spam! YUCK! I don’t understand why people eat it. But, then again, I’ve never once tried in my life and I NEVER will.

  2. Just say NO to spam! Yuck. I don’t understand why people eat it, but I’ve never once tried it in my entire life and I never will.

    1. says: Reply

      Deelish with rice! Wow I haven’t been on my blog for sometime.

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