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De-clutter for the New Year 2017!







With the holiday season upon us December 22, 2016 Thursday only 3 shopping days left.  I worked today waking up in the early hours of the morning 2:30 am had to pee I returned to bed it was difficult to get back to sleep.  My mind wandering unable to shut off tossing and turning finally fell back to sleep.  I woke up at 4:30 am maybe an hour worth of sleep very refreshing I thought!  I turned over closed my eyes until my alarm rang at 5 am sharp.  I continue to just lay in my bed thinking if I had enough rest it maybe a great possibility to go without red eyes.  I got dressed, iron my shirt, cooked a warm breakfast of scrambled eggs and a hand torn corn tortilla sauteed  in olive oil!  I’ve always had a good breakfast before I start my day gets the fire burning.  At about 6:15 am I grabbed my lunch, gym bag got in my Pontiac Vibe and headed off to work about a 40 minute commute.  Worked from 7am – 4pm a sitting position mindlessly staring at my desktop at times making conversation with my co-workers.  Only time to get up is to go to the bathroom or heat up some food with the convenience of the office microwave, three to choose from.  At last the workday ends and I head out the door only to be confronted with heavy traffic very unnerving due to an emergency construction.  Instead of becoming upset I remembered a time when I asked someone I’m not sure who it was how did he like traffic.  His answer was something I really hadn’t thought of.  He said traffic gives me the time to relax, unwind, a quiet moment to meditate, eyes open of course to reflect on how the day went and how thankful he was.   I catch myself in a hurry sometimes and it’s good to stop, look and listen to yourself even in the throws of heavy traffic!

I reached my home pulled into my garage and turned on my Christmas lights.  I recently cut my own hair had to trim a little off the top, I took a brief nap after I ate a small bit of toasted corn tortilla and jack cheese melted in my small toaster oven.  I tell you nothing so simple could be so tasty!  Tonight I had to get my 30 minutes of running on the treadmill all the cookies and treats were taking a toll on my weight!  This weekend is when the eating frenzy begin the Christmas Holiday is upon us!  As I dressed for the jog and went downstairs I readied my Garmin watch and thumbed through Netflix.

I went through the Movies for “Rod” nah I thought from the selection my favorites are usually documentaries. Wildlife, Travel, Food among those titles but this time I found a documentary “Minimalism: A Documentary.”  The film is about two gentlemen that went from high paying jobs and discovered that living to keep up with society the pursuit of wealth and having things was not living life.  I thought about the Holidays how advertising and marketing pushes us as a society to overspend and make material goods important making us feel good about ourselves if only briefly.  Buy that big house to fill the empty spaces, to have thing that we really don’t need to find our own minimalism.  The documentary put into perspective that we all need a roof over our heads, food on our table and family.  We get lost with all the technology and forget to communicate to each other on a personal level with cell phones but use text messaging.  I highly recommend watching this film to set in motion your own path and discover minimalism.  We all struggle to get that paycheck and most people work paycheck to paycheck but we all have control on how we spend.  I’ve always been somewhat of a saver I don’t see the point of using a credit card on money that I may have but always made it a point to pay myself.  I give myself a raise every time I receive a promotion by not spending it but increase the level of savings and watch it grow very rewarding when you can pay a credit card off each month.

I discovered after watching the movie how much stuff I have and stuff I don’t need…simpler is better time to de-clutter.  It’s a win-win situation I donate stuff and will use as a tax write off.  I’ve donated to one of my co-workers volunteer homeless programs has made it very rewarding for me knowing my used clothing is utilize to keep those less fortunate warm on a cold night.  I have been blessed with a great job, beautiful home and food on the table!  I thought I had de-cluttered enough but realize I have a long way to go.  Day after Christmas I unloaded a few items and it’s time to go through room to room to unload more stuff.

I’ve discovered there is a podcast by the minimalist time to listen and learn.  Apply only those items that work for me not necessary to unload everything…for now that is.  Keep those things that add value to my life!

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