WORD: Prediabetic

It seems this time of the year after all the holidays that involve food starting with Halloween with the assortment of candies, Thanksgiving a feast of roast turkey not to mention pumpkin pie and who can’t forget to add whip cream…real of course.  Jolly fat Ole St Nick comes along with the grand daddy of all feasting, Christmas Eve to ramps up to Christmas Day Feast which may roll into the day after Christmas to finish up the leftovers for the week.  Doesn’t end there time to celebrate New Years Eve and when there’s celebration there is cooking and eating involved!  Yep and my downfall is food!  All of it and especially the one’s that involve sugar, call it pie, cream puffs, chocolate shovel it down my gullet I’ll eat it!  Hey why not throw in some bread and mash potatoes with gobs of blubbering butter and whip cream, of course fat is flavor!  Did I forget Company Christmas Luncheon it’s free might as well indulge!

When the weather changes and it get colder outside time to settle in and enjoy..hey why not I thought it’s the holidaze is my excuse for overeating.  A few pounds here and a few pounds there but each year passes I get older I continue to make excuses but this year I planned a no holds bar eating frenzy!  I went to Guam in November ramped up and indulge into the foodie scene hey it’s been 38 years since I step foot on the island of my birth!  When I returned home I paid the price gained weight and with that a few inches around my waist!  I continue to run, lift, rock climb and other activities but that didn’t help especially with my sit down job in front of a computer and consistent calories I continue to take in.

My yearly physical last year I didn’t do so well either I gained 10lbs, my A1C was at 5.7 pre-diabetic which is okay but when it runs in your family can be worrisome if level moves into diabetic range at 6.5.  My father has diabetes but controls his sugar level, one of my Uncle passed away from complication and my Aunt lost her foot due to this disease.  It’s time to think about this years physical and see where I’m at.  My physical took place January 11, 2017 my labs came back at 6.0 wow inching it’s way toward full blown diabetes currently in the pre-diabetic range.  My doctor didn’t seem too worried about it I’m guessing because I consistently workout, made it known of my plans for a change my calorie intake for the New Year 2017.  This go around I can blame it on the holidays but when it comes down to it I need to take responsibility take action blame myself.  It’s very hard when there are so many temptations but as I get older I realize I may not have that second chance if I don’t turn things around when besiege with fall holiday feasting and the temptation begins.  I have one body, my temple I need to take care of it since we only get one chance at this.  I know we are mere mortals but I’d rather be in the best shape I can be in than the worst shape and not try.


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